Products vs. Services

I read a fascinating post today — including the following quote:

WordPress doesn’t provide a service; our software is publicly available and offered for free

This quote completely astonished me — especially because I had just yesterday posted something about the WordPress project, regarding precisely this topic (“Promoting Network Effects vs. Promoting Customization Services“). Of course I could also be flabbergasted by the notion of free (FYI: “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” 😉 ), or perhaps also other matters.

While Josepha‘s post has its problems and issues (and also very deep insights into what the whole notion of a “free market” is in the context of government regulations), I also sense that there is an aspect of “soul-searching” going on here. Maybe there are differing opinions within the WordPress project? (another FYI: just about a month ago @ WordCamp Europe in Berlin, Matt seems to have argued that services are indeed central to the WordPress project 😯 )

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